Start investing today


Stocks and shares ISA

Pay in from £20 a month or a £100 lump sum. More potential for returns than a cash ISA and a tax-efficient way to save.

  • Save up to £20,000 this tax year
  • No fixed term but consider investing for at least five years
  • Options for new and experienced investors
junior isa

Junior ISA

Pay in from £20 a month or a £100 lump sum.

Start investing in your child’s future today.

  • Save up to £4,368 this tax year
  • Anyone can pay in to maximise savings
  • The money is locked in until they turn 18
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Personal pension

Pay in lump sums from £100.

Save and invest for a brighter retirement.

  • Get up to 25% extra on top of what you save
  • Scope for long-term growth to boost your retirement
  • Choose from our simple range of five funds

Used up your ISA allowance

No problem, invest as much as you want in a Unit Trust. From £20 a month or a £100 lump sum.

New to investing?

  • Learn the basics

    Get up to speed on saving

    We’ve launched the Legal & General Academy to help you explore the basics of investing.

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  • Responsible investing

    responsible world investments

    Get invested to improve the future

    Make a positive change to your finances and the issues that affect us all.

    Our Future World funds help tackle climate change, fight inequality and champion corporate responsibility

  • Future World

    Future World

    Our Future World funds seek to make a positive difference and address key issues, including climate change and diversity, without compromising on returns.


    future world