Public Data for the Private Sector: Better solutions for the ageing population.

Data Paper

In this paper Public Data for the Private Sector (PDF: 813KB)  , we have made the case that information collected from the public in the course of its use of public sector services must be available, with the right safeguards, to all who need to plan and provide services to develop our society and economy.

To improve the provision of publicly-held information for decision-making by both the public and private sectors, we put forward four recommendations.

  1. We recommend the formation of a coherent and publicly acceptable legal structure and entity to govern the collection, management and dissemination of public statistics, data and information to support the public good.
  2. We recommend that the ‘public good’ be defined in a way that includes any activity that benefits society or the economy, particularly where that activity is aligned with public policy.
  3. We recommend that strategies are employed to improve the appropriate access of both the public and private sectors to all publicly-funded data, information and statistics, while protecting the privacy of individuals and the public interest.
  4. We recommend that private sector and public bodies are included in discussions to specify what public data and information are needed for the benefit of society and the economy.

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